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City Council Meeting

OCTOBER 2, 2018 – 5:00 P.M.

Prayer by Councillor Green or guest
Pledge of Allegiance
Approval of September 18, 2018 Work Session Minutes

Approval of September 18, 2018 Regular Council Meeting Minutes

Mayor’s Message

Special Committee Reports
Public Communications on Agenda Items (To address the Council during this time, the Roster must be signed before meeting begins indicating agenda item number to be discussed.)


1. Hearing on proposed Ordinance rezoning two lots located at 416 & 418 South Goldthwaite Street from a T4-R (General Urban Zone-Restricted) to a T4-O (General Urban Zone-Open) Smart Code Zoning District.  Recommended by the Planning Commission.  (RZ-2018-019) 

2. Application for a Lounge Retail Liquor – Class II (Package) License by Ishrat Food and Fuel In., d/b/a Kings Tobacco and Beverage, 4432 Troy Highway.


3. Ordinance granting a License Agreement to Faulkner University to construct, install and maintain Street Lighting on the ROW of Atlanta Highway.

4. Ordinance authorizing Purchase and Sale Agreement and Sale of Real Estate for Economic Development property located at 401 North Perry Street to Equal Justice Initiative.

5. Resolution authorizing Reimbursement pursuant to United States Treasury Regulations Section 1.150.2.

6. Resolution assenting to the Vacation of Plats or Maps in Madison Park.

7. Resolution renaming College Street Park to Mary Ann Neeley Park.  (Sponsored by Councillor Lee)

8. Show Cause Hearing on the proposed finalizing of the revocation of the Business License of Andrea Burton Bell, d/b/a Bell’s Collision Center, 4213 Norman Bridge Road.

9. Resolution finalizing the revocation of the Business License of Andrea Burton Bell, d/b/a Bell’s Collision Center. 4213 Norman Bridge Road.

10. Resolution revoking Business License for failure to pay sales tax and authorizing a Show Cause Hearing for Kym Darveau, d/b/a Yellowhammer Café, 1961 Bell Street.

11. Resolution denying and/or revoking right to operate a business for failure to purchase Business License for Anthony Stoddard, d/b/a McConnico, 2745 Southwest Street.

12. Application for Retail Beer and Retail Table Wine (Off Premises Only) by DOLGENCORP LLC, d/b/a Dollar General Store, 19041, 304 West Fairview Avenue.

13. Resolution reappointing Dottye Hannan to the Board of Directors of the Arts Council by Councillor Larkin.

14. Resolution reappointing Jaunita Owes to the Board of Trustees – Retirement Fund by Councillor Larkin.

15. Resolution reappointing Sangernetta Gilbert Bush to the Montgomery Historic Preservation Commission by Councillor Larkin.

16. Resolution appointing Jeremy Kelly to the Architectural Review Board by Councillor Green replacing Walter L. Bush, Jr.

17. Resolution concurring in the appointment of Denise Davis-Maye to the Board of Directors of Human Resources replacing Martha Demere.  (Sponsored by Councillor Jinright)

18. Pursuant to Section 11-53B-1 et Seq., Code of Alabama, authorization of demolition of unsafe structures at the following locations:
• 348 Wayne Street (Parcel # 11 06 13 4 003 024.000)
• 1850 French Street (Parcel # 10 03 06 1 002 028.000)
• 428 Finley Avenue (Parcel # 10 04 18 3 027 002.000)
• 450 Finley Avenue (Parcel # 10 04 18 3 027 002.000)
19. Resolution assessing the cost of abatement of unsafe structures at various locations pursuant to Section 11-53B-1 et Seq., Code of Alabama.

20. Resolution declaring public nuisances, authorizing immediate abatement and assessing cost of abatement of public nuisances on various lots pursuant to Chapter 12 of Code of Ordinances.

21. Kellie Reece representing Camp Smile-A-Mile.  (Sponsored by Councillor Pruitt)
Council as a Committee

Public Communications on Non-Agenda Items   (To address the Council during this time, the City Clerk must have been contacted prior to Noon Monday)

The Council Meetings will be held in the Council Auditorium, 103 North Perry Street, Montgomery, Alabama.

All meetings are open to the public. For additional information, contact the City Clerk’s Office, 334-625-2096.   

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