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City Council Meeting



JULY 3, 2018 – 5:00 P.M.



Prayer by Councillor Pruitt or guest


Pledge of Allegiance


Approval of June 19, 2018 Work Session Minutes


Approval of June 19, 2018 Regular Council Meeting Minutes


Mayor’s Message


Special Committee Reports


Public Communications on Agenda Items (To address the Council during this time, the Roster must be signed before meeting begins indicating agenda item number to be discussed.)





  1. Ordinance establishing a Curfew for Minors.  (Sponsored by Councillor Pruitt)


  2. Hearing on proposed Ordinance rezoning two acres on the southeast corner of Taylor Road and Halcyon Boulevard from PGH-35 (Patio-Garden Home) Zoning District and B-2-Q (Commercial-Qualified) Zoning Districts to a B-2 (Commercial) Zoning District.  Planning Commission’s motion to approve failed to pass, therefore, no action was taken.  APPEALED.  (RZ-2017-011)


  3. Hearing on proposed Ordinance  rezoning one parcel of land located on the north side of Williams Drive, approximately 100 feet west of  Franson Road, from an R-50 (Single-Family residential) Zoning District to an R-99-s-Q (Mobile Home Subdivision-Qualified) Zoning District, restricted to one mobile home for living purposes.  Planning Commission recommended to not rezone to an R-99-Q (Mobile Home Subdivision-Qualified) Zoning District with restriction.  APPEALED.  (RZ-2018-011)


  4. Hearing on proposed Ordinance rezoning property located at 3077 Carter Hill Road from an O-1 (Office) Zoning District to a B-3-Q (Commercial-qualified) Zoning District.  Planning Commission recommended to rezone to B-3-Q, restricted to office use and pine straw sales.  (RZ-2018-010)


  5. Hearing on proposed Ordinance rezoning one parcel of land located on the east side of Troy Highway, approximately 400 feet north of Jenkins Lane (6001 Troy Highway), from an AGR-1 (Residential Agriculture) Zoning District to a B-3 (Commercial) Zoning District.  Planning Commission recommended.  (RZ-2018-012)




  6. Ordinance amending Ordinance 61-2014 and Appendices A & B: 4E Fire Station #14, 2801 Selma Highway to Macedonia Miracle Kingdom & Worship Center, 3070 Selma Highway.


  7. Resolution designating Voting Precincts and Absentee Voting Precinct for District 4 Special Elections.


  8. Resolution assenting to the Vacation of a portion of Coosada Ferry Road ROW.


  9. Resolution reappointing E. Baxter Morris to the Mental Health Authority.  (Sponsored by Councillor Lee)



  10. Pursuant to Section 11-53B-1, et Seq., Code of Alabama, authorization of demolition of unsafe structures at the following locations.
    • 2130 Boultier Street (Parcel # 10 04 17 3 032 004.000)
    • 3555 Doris Circle (Parcel # 11 07 25 2 003 019.000)
    • 525 High Street (Parcel # 10 04 18 2 002 013.000)
    • 1421 Bragg Street (Parcel # 11 06 24 2 004 019.000)
    • 632 Clifford Laws Drive (Parcel # 10 03 08 1 003 007.000)
  11. Resolution assessing the cost of abatement of unsafe structures on various lots, pursuant to Section 11-53B-1, et Seq., Code of Alabama.


  12. Resolution declaring public nuisances, authorizing immediate abatement and assessing cost of abatement of public nuisances on various lots pursuant to Chapter 12 of Code of Ordinances.

Council as a Committee


Public Communications on Non-Agenda Items   (To address the Council during this time, the City Clerk must have been contacted prior to Noon Monday)

The Council Meetings will be held in the Council Auditorium, 103 North Perry Street, Montgomery, Alabama.

All meetings are open to the public. For additional information, contact the City Clerk’s Office, 334-625-2096.   

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