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City Council Meeting

APRIL 17, 2018 – 5:00 P.M.

Prayer by Councillor Larkin or guest
Pledge of Allegiance
Approval of April 3, 2018 Work Session Minutes
Approval of April 3, 2018 Regular Council Meeting Minutes

Mayor’s Message
Miss Tri County Caitlyn McTier

Special Committee Reports

Public Communications on Agenda Items (To address the Council during this time, the Roster must be signed before meeting begins indicating agenda item number to be discussed.)


1. Appeal of demolition of 923 Hutchinson Street (Parcel # 10 04 18 1 021 021.000) by Myron K. Bell. (Carried over from December 19, 2017 and March 20, 2018)

2. Hearing on proposed Ordinance rezoning one (1) lot located at 3823 Southmont Drive from an R-75-s (Single-Family Residential) Zoning District to a B-2-Q (Commercial-Qualified) Zoning District.  Recommended by the Planning Commission.  (RZ-2018-003)


3. Ordinance authorizing Land Exchange Agreement by and between the COM and U.S.A. Department of Air Force (to Air Force:  generally known as: 1700 & 1720 Bell Street, portion of Pendar Street & Thunderbird Park; to COM Riverside Heights).

4. Resolution authorizing Deannexation of 2210 Ray Thorington Road.

5. Resolution authorizing Mayor Strange to make application to HUD for Substantial Amendments under Community Development Block Group and HOME Investment Partnerships Programs.

6. Application for a Retail Beer & Retail Table Wine (Off Premises Only) by B J Petroleum, Inc., d/b/a B J Grocery, 5601 Old Selma Road (PJ).  Okay by Sheriff Cunningham, Councillor Burkette, Chief Finley. No response from County Commissioner. 

7. Application for a Non-Profit Tax Exempt License by Child Protect, Inc., d/b/a Barrel of Blues, 333 Mildred Street.

8. Application for a Special Retail License by Event Concessions, Inc., d/b/a Concert for Peace and Justice, 355 Coosa Street.  (Sponsored by Councillor Larkin)

9. Application for a Special Retail – More Than 30 Days License by Evans Pavilion and Venue, LLC, d/b/a Evans Activity Center, 2952 Birmingham Highway.

10. Application for a Lounge Retail Liquor-Class II (Package) License by AR Investments, Inc., d/b/a Red Zone Package Store, 3035 Woodley Road.

11. Application for a Lounge Retail Liquor – Class I License by Skybar, Inc., d/b/a Skybar Inc., 3627 Debby Drive.

12. Application for Retail Beer (Off Premises Only) and Retail Table Wine (Off Premises Only) by Akash Enterprises, Inc., d/b/a Varsity Convenience Store, 1218 Carter Hill Road.
13. Resolution reappointing Larry Dixon to the Montgomery Airport Authority by Councillor Jinright.

14. Resolution assessing the cost of abatement of unsafe structures on various lots pursuant to Section 11-53B-1 et Seq., Code of Alabama.

15. Resolution declaring public nuisances, authorizing immediate abatement and assessing cost of abatement of public nuisances on various lots pursuant to Chapter 12 of Code of Ordinances.
Council as a Committee

Public Communications on Non-Agenda Items   (To address the Council during this time, the City Clerk must have been contacted prior to Noon Monday)
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