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The City of Montgomery owns a number of parcels around 401 North Perry Street (collectively the “North Perry Property”) in the warehouse district of north downtown. With the pace of downtown revitalization on picking up over the last ten years, this particular part of downtown north of Madison/Jefferson Streets has not seen the same level of change and investment that other parts have seen, for example, Dexter Avenue, Commerce Street, and Maxwell Boulevard.

In order to be purposeful and look forward over the next years, the Department of Development is beginning work to explore the potential for redevelopment of the North Perry Property, which is currently used for overflow Biscuits parking. In 2015, The Department of Development hired Goodwin Mills and Cawood (GMC) to assist it and to begin exploring in earnest the potential for North Perry Property redevelopment.

The North Perry Properties study had the following components:

Data Collection

GMC collected digital base map information on the site and related adjacent properties. Information included City of Montgomery GIS data, FEMA flood maps and recent aerial photography.


GMC and the Department of Development created a 4-question survey that was distributed to a broad range of interested parties. The mailing list included downtown property and business owners, property developers, city staff, and tourism/chamber officials. The intent of the survey was to gather information about the perception of the North Perry Street parcels.

Stakeholder Meeting

The purpose of the Stakeholder meeting was to convene local stakeholders from business, design and development community, local government, and other interested parties to gather ideas and identify opportunities, issues and barriers to redeveloping the North Perry Property.

Developer’s Roundtable

Building upon input from the Stakeholder Meeting and base analysis from GMC, the design team developed scenarios for redevelopment of the three parcels. The purpose of the Developer’s Roundtable was to convene a small group of property developers and potential investors to get feedback on design and market feasibility.

Block A B & C Map



Next Steps

We see Block A holding great potential for a large anchor commercial tenant or similar destination user on the ground floor of the southwest corner at Tallapoosa and Court Streets.  It also holds prime opportunities for residential above and structured parking to support it all.








This video shows just how close the North Perry Properties are to other downtown attractions and amenities.


Below is a conceptual rendering of one idea that came from the study.

 Block A Perspective

 North Perry Sites potential site plan

This is a conceptual site plan from the North Perry Properties Study (2015).


Download a copy of the full study by clicking the link below:

North Perry Properties Site Study


After the completion of the study in 2015, we began to communicate the study more broadly by publishing it, posting it and sharing it in presentations both one-on-one and in group settings.  We are starting to get the various infrastructure components integrated into capital improvement planning efforts so these elements can be implemented over time. For example, work will be complete by summer 2017 to convert Tallapoosa Street from one-way to two-way in the section from Coosa Street to Court Street.

After the completion of the study in 2015, we began an informal process of soliciting developers who may be interested in the Block A concept with an anchor commercial user and residential above.  We encouraged developers who were interested in building the project to solicit an offer in writing to the Department of Development.  We are interested in proposals that will maximize the private investment into the property and produce a quality mixed-use development project.

In 2017 we continue the solicitation of prospective developers. The City of Montgomery is preparing to sell this property to a buyer who is willing and able to take on this Project and to build out at least Block A.  The Project provides a unique opportunity for a new building in a prominent location in a revitalizing Downtown Montgomery.

Click to View One Page Property Information Sheet

If you are serious and prepared to take on this Project, you are welcome to make a proposal/offer in writing.  Proposals should have a clear project summary, identification of the architect and other members of the development team, and other basic information including the proposed purchase price, timing and other terms tied to the purchase. Prospective buyers will be asked to indicate a willingness to have a Development Agreement attached to the Purchase/Sale Agreement, which will commit the buyer to build the Project including at the risk of property reversion should the Project fail to occur. 

For additional information, contact you can send questions to Mac McLeod, Executive Assistant to the Mayor at or to Senior Development Manager, Lois Cortell, at

If you are interested in making a proposal, send something in writing indicating the desire to purchase and develop Block A to Mac McLeod, City of Montgomery Department of Development, P.O. Box 1111, Montgomery, AL 36101-1111.  Offers must identify the buyer, proposed purchase price, timing and any other terms tied to the purchase.  It should also indicate a willingness to have a Development Agreement, committing to the investment, attached to the purchase contract.



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