Fire Chief

Miford Jordan
(334) 625-2983

Chief of Staff

John L. Petrey
(334) 625-2985

Chief of Operations

Eddie D. Gauntt
(334) 625-2250

Suppression Division

Ronnie H. Bozeman, Assistant Fire Chief
(334) 625-2938

Emergency Medical Services Division

Garrett L. Henderson, District Fire Chief
(334) 625-2960

Administrative Services Division

Allen W. Wiggins, Assistant Fire Chief
(334) 625-2437

Administrative Support Division

Stanley L. Cooper, Assistant Fire Chief
(334) 625-2469

Inspections and Investigations Division

Russell G. Collier, Assistant Fire Chief
(334) 625-2228

Special Projects Division

Joseph J. Addie, Assistant Fire Chief
(334) 625-2975

Training Division

Christopher Gosha, District Fire Chief
(334) 240-4626


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