Forensic Sciences


Bureau Commander:  Lt. A.T. Mitchell (334) 625-2835 -

Bureau Supervisor: Sgt. H.B. Powe (334) 625-3321 -


Crime Scene Investigation

The Crime Scene Bureau provides support for the entire Police Department in the form of fingerprint identifications and all forms of photography. This bureau is predominantly responsible for working crime scenes related to major crimes to include murder, robbery, rape, burglaries, etc.

 Fingerprint Identification

The Fingerprint Identification section is responsible for examining latent fingerprints lifted by investigators and comparing to suspects using current technology and traditional procedures. Expert testimony is then provided in court by crime scene investigators and by latent fingerprint examiners to aid in the conviction of criminals.

Photography Section

The Photography Section specializes in photographing evidence (fingerprints, chemically enhanced blood evidence, etc.),  crime scene photography, studio photography, etc. It handles all aspects of digital photography enhancement and video enhancement. This unit is also capable of developing 35mm film and processing all types of film.

Crime Scene Investigators:  (334) 625-2075 

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