Traffic Enforcement

Traffic Safety Bureau

The Red Light Camera and Speed Car Enforcement Unit are primarily responsible for monitoring and reviewing citations for vehicles that exceed the posted speed limits on roads and in neighborhoods throughout the City of Montgomery. The unit is also responsible for the maintenance and operation of all equipment and devices assigned to the intersections being monitored. All information on fines, disagreements with the violation, or viewing a video of a citation can be located on the notice received as well as a customer service number.

The School Crossing Unit comprises School Crossing Guards who are stationed near elementary schools. Crossing guards temprarily manage the flow of traffic at locations where students cross the roadway in large numbers. These professionals assist thousands of small children safely across the streets each school year.

To contact the Bureau, contact 334-625-2866.


Accident Investigation

The Accident Investigation Bureau is responsible for investigating accidents and accident reconstruction. The officers assigned to this bureau also conduct follow-up investigations and criminal case filings for offenses such as vehicular manslaughter, DUI, hit-and-run crashes, or any situation involving serious injury or death resulting from a traffic crash. The members of the Accident Investigation Bureau are veteran officers who receive advanced training in accident investigations. The majority of AI officers are trained in basic and advanced investigation and in accident reconstruction.

To contact the Bureau, call 334-625-2876.



The Motors Bureau is responsible for enforcing traffic laws, providing escorts and controlling traffic. Officers selected for this assignment are trained to operate the police motorcycle. Motor training is very demanding, both physically and mentally. Officers must pass an 80-hour motorcycle training course during which they must learn to operate a motorcycle, avoid hazards, detect violators and safely apprehend them. Motorcycles are especially effective due to their mobility in heavy traffic, and they are capable of accelerating quickly, which makes it the ideal tool for apprehending speeding violators.

To Contact Motors, call 334-625-2705.

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