2017 City of Montgomery Summer Jobs Program


What is the program about?
The 2017 City of Montgomery Summer Jobs Program provides meaningful employment experience with placement in City departments for City of Montgomery teens and young adults.

Will I be paid for holidays?
No. Participants will only be paid for hours actually worked.

Who can participate in the Summer Jobs Program?
Applicant must be between the ages of 17-21 AND must be a resident of the City of Montgomery.  If you turn 17 years old on or before May 31, 2017, you qualify.  If you turn 22 on or before May 31, 2017, you do not qualify.

What kind of jobs are available?
Office Aide - Office Aides file or fax information, make photocopies, answer the telephone, perform data entry and interact with the public. Office personnel are expected to dress in a professional manner as specified by the employing department. Possible work site will be a City library or office.  

Light Laborer - Light Laborers work in landscaping, street cleanup, warehousing, athletic field preparation, and general maintenance. Possible work site will be a Parks and Recreation facility, Maintenance Department, cemetery, community garden or Clean City Commission.

Recreation Counselor
- Junior counselors interact with campers and assist senior counselors with games, crafts and camp activities. Activities are held indoors and outdoors. Possible work site will be Museum, Zoo, Library, Parks and Recreation facility or summer youth programs.

What is the pay?
$9.73 per hour. Participants will receive a paycheck every two weeks.  No direct deposits will be made. 

Will I be paid for holidays?
No. Participants will only be paid for hours actually worked.

How many jobs are there?
The number of jobs per department depends upon the need of the department.  APPLYING FOR A JOB DOES NOT GUARANTEE A JOB OFFER. 

Does the Program provide transportation to and from work?

How many hours will I work?
Selected applicants will work 20 or 30 hours per week (4-6 hours per day).

What will my work hours be?
Work hours will be determined by the department after being hired.

Will there be an employee orientation?
Yes, an orientation will be planned for May 26, 2017.

Will there be a drug test?
Yes, but only for those selected by the department as part of the hiring process.  A negative drug test is mandatory for all persons selected.  If you receive a positive drug test you can’t be hired.

How can I apply?
Application period for the 2017 City of Montgomery Summer Jobs Program will be begin Monday, February 13, at 5:00 p.m. and will close promptly on Wednesday, March 1, at 5:00 p.m.  Apply online or pick up an application at City Hall, located at 103 North Perry Street, Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.  

What paperwork is required?
In order to be considered, you must submit a completed application by the deadline.  And ONLY if called in for an interview, you will need two letters of recommendation. The recommendation could be from a school official. Principals, guidance counselors, teachers, librarians, club advisers or teaching specialists are considered school officials. The other recommendation could be from a community leader. Neighborhood association officers, faith based organization leaders, coaches, community organization and youth service providers are considered community leaders.

Will I need to provide any other documentation?
If you are selected for hire, at orientation you will be asked to present some of the following information before you can be placed on the City payroll:

1. Driver license
2. Social security card
3. School ID card with a photograph
4. Birth certificate

How should my completed application be submitted? 
Applications can be submitted:

1. Online (Online applicants will receive an email of acknowledgement)
2. By hand delivery to:  Montgomery City Hall; 103 North Perry Street between the hours of 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (In person applicants will receive written acknowledgement) 
3. By mail:  Attention: 2017 Summer Jobs Program; City of Montgomery; P.O. Box 1111; Montgomery, AL 36101-1111 

I don’t have a computer at home. How will I apply online?
Public computers at all library locations may be used to apply.  

Is preference given to the earlier applicants?
No. All applications will be reviewed after the application deadline.

Once I complete the application process, what happens next? 
Only those applicants selected for an interview will be contacted. We will try to match you with your first choice of job selection, but cannot guarantee that placement.  If selected, you will be interviewed by the work site supervisor where you are most likely to be placed.  It is at the interview that you will need to present your two letters of recommendation. BEING CALLED IN FOR AN INTERVIEW DOES NOT GUARANTEE A JOB. Once all interviews have been conducted, the department supervisor will choose who they want to hire.  If chosen, you will be sent an acceptance letter or email with the next steps to continue in the process.

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