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The "How To..." Handbook                How To Handbook

BONDS offers a How To Develop and Maintain Your Neighborhood Association Handbook to help neighborhood associations as they begin to form. The handbook has four chapters: Building a Successful Neighborhood; Running a Successful Organization; Methods of Raising Funds; and Leadership Types. The handbook is a very easy read. It user-friendly and assists associations through many stages of the development process. It has sample forms and worksheets to use. The cost of this manual is a very minimal $5.00.


The BONDS Neighborhood Directory

The Montgomery Neighborhood Directory is available for $25.00. The directory includes a list of neighborhood associations along with its contacts and a map of each association’s area based on boundaries provided to BONDS. This directory also includes a “quick reference” page which lists city and county departments along with their contact information. The directory is a very handy tool not just for neighborhood associations, but for anyone living in the city and or county of Montgomery.

Note: To add or update your neighborhood association's listing, please download and complete the BONDS Directory Listing Form.


BONDS Registration and Directory Updates

BONDS wants to keep you and your neighborhood association involved and informed. Complete the Registration and Directory Updates Form to register your association and its contacts with BONDS. Submit an updated form anytime information regarding your association changes. Information submitted will be used in our biannual Neighborhood Directory.


2015 BONDS Grant Application Package

BONDS offers financial assistance in the form of grants to neighborhood associations. Any neighborhood association, homeowners association, or neighborhood watch located in the city or county of Montgomery may apply. Applications for our 2015 BONDS Grant are due November 24, 2014 by 3:00 p.m. See the application package for full details regarding requirements.


2013 Mini National Night Out Grant Requirements

This year BONDS is offering financial assistance in the form of a mini-grant to aid in hosting your National Night Out event. Grant requirements are shared below and the see the application package, available beginning March 1, for full details regarding requirements.

The maximum request is $500.00

Applications are due April 1st, 2013 and will be awarded at the BONDS Annual NNO Kickoff Event.

Each NNO Grantee:

· Must attend a minimum of 4 training sessions

· Must have a minimum of three (3) commitment letters

· Must submit the required application available March 1, 2013

· Must complete a written account of the event by September 13th to include receipts totaling the total amount you were funded.

· Must host the NNO Event prior to September 13th

· Must attend an orientation (the date will be included in the application material)

· Must follow the requirements as specified by the National Town Watch Association. Information can be found at or by phone at 800-NITE-OUT (800-648-3688). It is important that we follow the rules set forth by this organization and that we use approved language.

For more information, please contact the BONDS Office at 625-2207 via email at

2013 BONDS Mini Grant NNO Application Package  

BONDS Neighborhood Leadership Institute Brochure

Are you involved in your neighborhood or community but need new tools and skills to become more effective? Are you interested in becoming involved but don’t know where to start? Neighborhood Leadership Institute (NLI) can help. Our brochure contains full information about the NLI opportunity.

Applications for the class of 2014 are being accepted February 1 thru March 3, 2014.

NLI Registration Form 2014 


BONDS Speaker's Bureau

As you prepare for your meetings and neighborhood events, keep these individuals in mind as they have agreed to speak to individual associations. File for download to be added soon. In the meantime, contact BONDS at 625-2126 or 625-2207 to request a copy.



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