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Contractors with contracts exceeding $50,000.00 must be licensed as a State of Alabama General Contractor, as well as, a licensed contractor with the City of Montgomery.

The State of Alabama General Contractors Licensing Board is located at 2525 Fairlane Drive, Montgomery, AL 36116;
(334) 272-5030.

A City of Montgomery Business License may be obtained through the City of Montgomery Department of Finance located in City Hall;(334) 241-2036.

New Construction: All new construction or additions must be approved by the Planning Commission prior to issuing the permit. Three (3) complete sets of plans stamped by an architect or engineer licensed by the State of Alabama have to be submitted to the Building Plans Coordinator for approval. Review time is generally three (3) to five (5) days.

Construction Alterations: Three (3) sets of plans showing floor plan and proposed alterations are required. Plans may be required to be stamped by a licensed architect or engineer, as required by the Code.

An application may be viewed and downloaded from this website.

Contact: Jerry Russell, Building Plans Review Coordinator, for more information.
(334) 241-2173

Procedures for Demolition

1. A Health Clearance must be obtained from Environmental Division of the Montgomery County Health Department
Location: 3060 Mobile Hwy
(334) 293-6452

2. A Clearance must also be obtained from Water Works Board
Location: 22 Bibb Street
(334) 206-1600

3. A $200.00 Bond is required to be posted for all of residential and commercial type building demolitions. This is to be done with the City of Montgomery Finance Department in City Hall.

4. Contractor to contact Alagasco (334) 241-4302.

5. A demolition permit has to be obtained. This permit can be purchased from the Inspections Department located at 25 Washington Ave., 1st Floor. Commercial demoltion permits cost .005 of total cost of the demolition contract. Accessory buildings cost $5.00. This permit requirement is issued only to a licensed contractor or to the owner.

6. Demolition must be completed within 30 calendar days from the date of the permit.

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