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Capital City Plume
Capital City Plume

Capital City Plume Information

The Capital City Plume (also sometimes spelled Capitol City Plume) is an area in downtown Montgomery previously designated by regulatory agencies where the groundwater (not a source of drinking water) in a 30 to 50 block area has previously showed the presence of several common urban contaminants. The groundwater in this area is generally 25-55 feet below land surface. Contaminants associated with the site to be further assessed include:

•  PCE – perchloroethylene (dry cleaning solvent or cleaning agent) and its daughter products
•  TCE – trichloroethylene (degreaser or cleaning agent)
•  DCE -cis-1,2  – dichloroethylene

There are small amounts of these cleaning agents in the groundwater that may exceed regulatory levels in some places. Drinking water in Montgomery, including downtown, does not come from groundwater in the Capital City Plume area. There is no exposure to workers or residents downtown. Further testing is on-going to assess current conditions and develop a plan to address contaminant levels.  Groundwater Testing Video

The City of Montgomery, Montgomery County, Montgomery Water Works and Sanitary Sewer Board, the State of Alabama and the Montgomery Advertiser have formed the Downtown Environmental Alliance (Alliance) to complete the investigation and address the Capital City Plume under an Agreement with the Alabama Department of Environmental Management. The first step was to develop a Community Involvement and Outreach Plan. The Alliance accepted nominations from citizens who live, work or own property in downtown Montgomery who were interested in learning more about the Capital City Plume by serving on a Community Outreach Group.

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For more information on the Capital City Plume, contact: 
Kim FehlCity of Montgomery  |  334-625-2091


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