Facts About Montgomery


 December 3, 1819
STate CapitAl 
Operates as a mayor-council form of government. Under this system, the mayor heads the executive branch of government.
Mayor Todd Strange. Elected on  March 10th and installed on March 23rd.
Council The City is composed of a nine members representing the legislative branch of government. The Council is elected by the people to also serve a four year term.
City Seal  Six-pointed star containing the words "Cradle of the Confederacy," Birth Place of the Civil Rights Movement" and "City of Montgomery."
County  Montgomery
City Flower  Rose 
City Tree  Magnolia 
City Bird  Cardinal 
Populations  201,998 (based on 2006 estimate)
Education  High school graduates (80.7%), Bachelor's degree or higher (29.4%)
Area Code  334
Land Area  155.38 sq mi (402.43 km2)
Time Zone  CST
Zip Codes  The city consists of 35 different zip codes. Click here to view complete list.
Nearby Cities  Prattville, Tuskegee, Auburn, Selma
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