Civil Rights Birthplace; Human Rights Champion

As the birthplace of America’s Civil Rights Movement, the City of Montgomery works tirelessly to ensure the rights of all individuals – regardless of race, religion, creed, ethnicity, gender, sexual preference or any other difference. In doing so, Michael Briddell, Director of Public Information and External Affairs, has been tasked with serving as the City of Montgomery’s point of contact for all discrimination complaints.

Housing Non-Discrimination Policy

The City of Montgomery adheres to all Housing and Urban Development (HUD) guidelines, including its non-discrimination policy.

Butt Out Bullies

With more than 90 city parks and recreational facilities, the City of Montgomery encourages everyone to have fun in Montgomery! However, the City refuses to allow bullying of any kind in our public facilities. 

MPD Policies & Contact

If you have issues in private settings, know your rights. The Montgomery Policy Department stands up to bullies and works for everyone in our community including all faiths, ethnicities, genders and sexual preferences. However, MPD has a Discrimination Police Liaison to ensure there is no discrimination.

Contact Discrimination Police Liaison

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