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Montgomery City Council Events

The City of Montgomery is pleased to present to the public a City Council events page.

The Council will be placing information here to keep their constituents up to date with things such as: Ad Hoc meeting, special events and information regarding districts.

Proposed Ordinance

Proposed ordinance adopting regulations regarding the registration and maintenance of vacant buildings & enforcement procedures & penalties: View the Ordinance

3/5/19 Ad Hoc Committee - Revenue and Police/Fire Needs

Councilman Glen Pruitt Jr - Chairman

NOTICE: 3/1/19

The Council’s Work Session has been moved from the Old Council Chamber to the Council Auditorium Tuesday, March 5, 2019 at 3:30 p.m. only to allow for special presentation.

6/28/18 Vacant/Abandoned Structures Ad Hoc Meeting

5/10/18 Vacant/Abandoned Structures Ad Hoc Meeting

11/7/17 Ad Hoc Committee - Revenue and Police Department Needs

Councillor Glen Pruitt Jr - Chairman
Councillor William Green
Councillor Richard Bollinger