Liquor License Information

Liquor License Application Procedures

Please note that this process usually takes from four to six weeks. (Excluding time needed for compliance with city codes.)

  1. Go to the ABC Board for application located at 8413 Crossland Loop Montgomery, AL. 36117 (334- 213-6309).
  2. Call Aimee LaChapelle at (334) 625-2096 for an appointment for the City’s processing. Bring the ABC application and ABI reports for each individual on the application.
    1. Business location zoning will be checked for compliance.
    2. Applicant will be scheduled for a public hearing before the City Council. You or a representative must be present to answer any questions by the Council.
    3. Applicant will be given an ad to take to either the Montgomery Advertiser or the Montgomery Independent. Ads run once at least 10 days prior to the public hearing.
    4. Applicant will be given a poster to place in a window or door at the business address so that it is visible from the street – immediately upon receipt and leave up until after the public hearing.
  3. Call the Inspections Department (334) 625-2073 to set up an appointment for the inspection of your building. (Building, electrical, plumbing, gas and mechanical.)
  4. Call the Fire Department (334) 625-3916 to set up an appointment for their inspection of your building.
  5. If your application is approved by the Council, the Council’s resolution will be held until you have complied with ALL City Code requirements. Upon compliance, the adopted resolution will be forwarded to the Business License Department for payment of fees and a copy of the resolution will be provided by them for you to take back to the ABC Board.

NOTE: Approval of liquor license is at the discretion of the City Council. To expend funds for remodeling or purchasing building, equipment, etc., before your license has been approved will be at your own risk.