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General Information

Montgomery, Alabama, would be an ideal backdrop for your next film project. We are a City rich in history, scenic beauty, diversity, and pride. We have an abundance of hospitable and professional local talent and production crews. Montgomery’s mild climate means the fall, winter, and spring months are positively lovely. And, while Montgomery’s summer months are quite hot, we can assure you that our buildings are air conditioned and the Alabama skies are indeed a very gorgeous shade of blue.

The Department of Economic and Community Development recognizes that film and production are important industries closely connected to local investment, visitor spending, job opportunities, and artistic expression. To follow are the most common questions and informational points. If you have any additional questions or would like information about the exciting things happening in local Montgomery development, contact Lois Cortell, City Senior Development Manager, 334-625-3755.

Alabama Film Office

The State of Alabama maintains the main staff and resources for supporting film and production company needs. Because they are located in the Capital City, Montgomery, City of Montgomery staff are able to have great coordination with them. The Alabama Film Office is at

AFO contacts:

  • Kathy Faulk, Manager, (O) 334-242-4195
  • Brenda Hobbie, Incentives Coordinator, (O) 334-242-4195      
  • Courtney Murphy, Film Liaison/Community Liaison, (O) 334-242-4195
  • Brian S. Jones, Media & Location Coordinator, (O) 334-242-4195

Current and Past Films

To follow is a partial list of movies and shows that have filmed in Montgomery, the broader River Region and nearby Selma, Alabama. If one is missing, please let us know! Email Jocelyn Zanzot, Urban Design Planner, at 334-625-2755.  We are actively working on an MGM Film Trail that will let you explore the filming locations.

  1. Just Mercy (filmed in 2018, release date December 25, 2019)

  2. True Mercy: Bryan Stevenson Documentary (2019)

  3. Riding with the Rabbi (2019)

  4. Son of the South (filmed in 2019, not yet released)

  5. Traces of Indignity (2018)

  6. The Voice (2018, for contestant Kirk Jay)

  7. American Idol (2015, for contestant Jessica Meuse)

  8. Selma (2014)

  9. Dropped (2013)

  10. Heavens Fall (2006)

  11. The Rosa Parks Story (2002)

  12. Big Fish (2003)

  13. Dead Birds (2003)

  14. Selma, Lord, Selma (1999)

  15. George Wallace: Settin’ the Woods on Fire (1999)

  16. Grass Harp (1995)

  17. Body Snatchers (1992)

  18. Blue Sky (1990)

  19. The Long Walk Home (1990)

  20. The Vernon Jones Story (1980s)

  21. Sister, Sister (1982)

  22. A Thanksgiving Visitor (1968)

  23. A Christmas Memory (1966)

  24. Your Cheatin’ Heart (1962)

Business License Application

Businesses that film in Montgomery may need a City of Montgomery Business License. There are short term or “transient” licenses that could fulfill the requirements, should your film only be working in Montgomery for a few days, for example. The process is simple and City staff stand ready to make the process quick and painless. The Finance Department’s License and Revenue Division assists businesses in the City of Montgomery in issuing and maintaining appropriate business licenses and sales tax numbers.

Pam McCorvey is the Revenue Manager, she can be reached at 334-625-2147 if you have a question about whether it applies to you. You are also welcome to come in to the City offices at 25 Washington, 3rd Floor. Additional contact information and Business License Application.

Event Permit Application

If your filming requires the closures of public sidewalks, streets or parks, and/or will constitute a public assembly, you will be required to submit an Event Permit Application.

Jaime L. Gonzalez will help you through the process, she can be reached at 334-625-2118. Event Permit Application and to the Special Events Handbook.

While You Are in Town

While you are working in town, you may as well explore it! Enjoy our great city and all it has to offer. The Montgomery Convention Center & Visitor’s Bureau can help. It runs the Montgomery Capital Cool website and Facebook page for loads of ideas for eating, lodging and entertainment. Check it out at There is also a fun, local restaurant Facebook group called “Lunch in the Gump” that you might consider joining during your stay.

Crew/Production Information

The Alabama Film Office maintains a listing for crew personnel. This enables local / regional talent to register and it is intended to facilitate connections for production companies when they are in town. See the Crew Listings menu.

Location Ideas

Montgomery has a huge range of photographic opportunities. From historic, to scenic, to gritty, to quintessentially local – and instantly recognizable as “Montgomery.” The Alabama Film Office has a great collection of location ideas and has a dedicated location coordinator to work with companies.

Ideas for Filming Locations

Updated on 04/02/2018 9:26 AM

Potential film production locations throughout the greater Montgomery Area