Assistant Fire Chief Lucious C. McDade
(334) 625-2493

This division administers the day to day activities through an organized system of planning, staffing, directing, coordinating, and evaluating. The Administrative Services officer responsibilities include: budget management, purchasing, facilities, fleet maintenance, information technology, grant writing, personnel records, and payroll services. Specifications for new equipment and apparatus are developed, reviewed, and approved to ensure the best available product. The Division also directs the maintenance, repair and replacement of firefighting equipment. Headed by the Fire Chief, this division is responsible for providing management direction while overseeing the capital projects for department staff so they can save lives, protect property, and maintain community standards. Equipment inventory and maintenance records are also maintained through this office.


Assistant Fire Chief Ronnie H. Bozeman
(334) 625-2938

Fire Suppression is the largest division of Montgomery Fire/Rescue. We strive to protect and serve the citizens of Montgomery in the event of a fire or other disasters. We continue to increase our effectiveness in rigorous performance in firefighting by working hand in hand with other support divisions, continuous educational training and discipline. The department stands committed to delivering their very best with each opportunity to serve.

Emergency Medical Services

Assistant Fire Chief Garrett L. HendersonHenderson2019
(334) 625-2960

The Emergency Medical Services personnel are proud to be the most active segment of Montgomery Fire / Rescue. Every effort is undertaken to ensure that the citizens of and visitors to the city are afforded with the most advanced and thoroughly trained Emergency Medical Services Staff in the state. By working and training with the other divisions, these members are able and equipped to provide rapid stabilization of injuries or illness regardless of the situation.


Human Resources/Wellness Compliance

Assistant Fire Chief Stanley L. Cooper
(334) 625-2469

The HR/Wellness Officer is responsible for overseeing and tracking wellness reports, including, but not limited to, FMLA, Fit for Duty, extended leave time and Workers Comp.  Manages programs in accordance with department operational, quality, safety, and NFPA service standards.  Act as liaison between Risk Management and Benefits Division to work with employees relative to their medical concerns and alternatives.  Assist employees regarding benefits and well-being programs.  Other wellness projects as assigned.



Assistant Fire Chief Russell G. Collier
(334) 625-2228

The Standards and Compliance Officer is responsible for overseeing the accreditation process of Montgomery Fire/Rescue, ISO evaluation, and NFPA compliance. The results of this assignment ensures the quality of service Montgomery Fire/Rescue provides, is the highest level possible due to the evaluation of service, identification of strengths and weaknesses, communication of organizational priorities, strategic planning, and meeting or exceeding industry best practices. 



Assistant Fire Chief Christopher L. Gosha
(334) 625-4626

The Division of Training coordinates training for suppression, Firefighter Trainees, testing, and program development for its 460 members. It is our intent to provide the highest level of safety and service to the public and the department through quality education, attention to tradition and innovation, while being vigilant in the recruitment and promotion of qualified personnel. Annually, the department averages over 97,000 man hours on fire suppression related subjects. More than 16,000 man hours of continued education courses are taught to include hazardous Materials, Fire Instructor, Fire Officer, Incident Command, and other courses. The Division is also responsible for In-Service Training, new Firefighter Training, EMS Continuing Education, Technical Rescue, along with Citizen CPR Classes and Public Education.