Fire/Rescue FAQs

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  • Can the Fire Department fill my pool?

  • Can the Fire Department use my property as a controlled practice burn?

  • Does the Fire Department install car seats?

  • How can I request Sparky, Freddy, or the Safety House for my event?

  • How do I apply to become a Firefighter?

  • How do I get a plan reviewed by a Fire Inspector?

  • How do I obtain a Burn Permit?

  • How do I obtain a Fire Works Permit?

  • How do I obtain a permit to park a vehicle inside an assembly?

  • How do I schedule a Fire Station tour?

  • How do I schedule an appointment for a new business?

  • Where can I find more information about becoming a career Firefighter?

  • Where can I obtain a Fire Report and is there a fee?