Tire, Battery, & Oil Amnesty

We have a partnership with "Bridgestone" Firestone Service Centers in Montgomery. They will take old tires (limited to 4 tires per month), batteries and oil from local residents free of charge. Thank you Bridgestone!

Oil Recycling

The City no longer accepts used motor oil. Find a location near you.

Christmas Tree Recycling

The Montgomery Clean City Commission (MCCC), oversees all aspects of the Christmas Tree recycling program. All old trees can be brought to Saturday trash collection points. The recycled trees are mulched or used for fish hatcheries in local lakes.

Shredded Paper

Montgomery Humane Shelter - Shredded paper (long shreds) can be dropped off by the front doors at any time. Any other tangible items should be brought to the shelter Monday - Saturday 8 am - 5 pm, and Sundays 12 pm - 4 pm.

The Montgomery Clean City Commission (MCCC) also holds a shredding event twice a year.

Eco Friendly Bulbs

At the present time Home Depot is the only store that accepts the spiral type of these bulbs.


Desktops, laptops, CPUs and towers, printers, copiers, fax machines, scanners, keyboards, mice, servers, phones, cell phones, pagers, PDAs, medical electronics, VCRs, DVD players, cameras, camcorders, TVs, TV dish boxes, radios and much more on Thursdays from 8 a.m. - 2 p.m. at the McInnis Recycling Center. $10.00 Charge for old TV's and CRT's.


Grease recycling is good for the environment and reduces sanitary sewer problems. Call 334-206-1600 or visit www.grecycle.org for more information.


Wheels For Wishes - a car donation and recycling program that benefits Make-A-Wish Alabama

Drop Off Recycling Centers

Due to the illegal dumping in the city’s drop-off recycling containers, ALL containers have been permanently removed. This includes containers at AUM, Montgomery Mall, Thompson Park, Hayneville Road Community Center and Lagoon Park. All resident and businesses are encouraged to take their paper, cardboard, aluminum cans, tin cans and plastics 1 & 2 to the following locations:

McInnis Recycling Center
4341 Norman Bridge Road
Montgomery, AL

Mount Scrap Material Co.
824 North Decatur St.
Montgomery, AL