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Red Light Camera Tickets
The City of Montgomery has implemented an automated traffic enforcement camera system at various intersections throughout this City. Drivers photographed running red lights will receive $60 citation. 

How Does it Work?
When a vehicle runs the a red light, the camera systems captures three images of the violation:

  • 1st Image – Provides a view of the vehicle before crossing the white stop line and a view of the traffic light that is red.
  • 2nd Image - Clearly shows that the vehicle has continued through the intersection while the traffic light is red.
  • 3rd Image – Shows an up-close image of the license plate of the violator’s vehicle.
  • View, pay or appeal your citation by requesting a court date.
  • City of Montgomery Police personnel review ALL citation images to verify violations. 
  • The camera systems operate only when the traffic light is red– capturing images of actual violations. 

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