City Investigations
Union Station, Suite 214
300 Water Street
Montgomery, AL 36104

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City Investigations

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We investigate personnel-related complaints and/or grievances, citizen complaints, and present findings of fact regarding complaints.

How to File a CI Complaint

To make a complaint or allegation of misconduct you may report the incident directly to a representative of the Office of City Investigations, City of Montgomery, Alabama, by telephone 334-625-2490, email at, or by mail/in person at:

300 Water Street, Suite 214
Montgomery, AL. 36104

Complainants will be required to fill out the CI standard complaint form. This can be obtained in person at the CI office or below.

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City Investigations Complaint Form

Please complete the entire questionnaire. If the City has questions about your request, we may need to contact you.
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Contact Information
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Does an attorney represent you in this matter?
Does an attorney represent you in this matter?

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    NOTE: Unless the complainant wishes to remain anonymous, the complainant must give information sufficient to identify him/her along with contact information including telephone number and address.

    Employees and citizens may complain anonymously. CI will accept verbal or written complaints from individuals who wish to remain anonymous. The CI Director and/or Investigating Officer will determine if sufficient information can be obtained to process the complaint. In addition, the case could be weakened if the person does not wish to appear at any follow-up hearings that may be initiated after an investigation is completed.

    Employees may report wrongdoing or complain to a supervisor, who may then direct the employee(s) to CI in accordance with the procedures described in this directive. Complaints made to any department will be forwarded to the Office of City Investigations for further action.

    Complainants will be contacted by CI as soon as possible after the complaint has been processed in accordance with this directive.