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Institutional Controls

City Ordinance 36-2019

Environmental Covenants

Instructions for General Environmental Covenants

1.  Only properties in the Downtown Environmental Overlay on the IC Map are eligible to file the General Environmental Covenant on their property.

2.  The owner of the property shall complete the General Covenant by including the name of the property owner, the legal description of the property, completing the blanks related to the Grantor, and executing the covenant with required notarized signatures.

3.  The Environmental Covenant shall be provided to the following address for required ADEM signatures:

Chief, Land Division
Alabama Department of Environmental Management
1400 Coliseum Boulevard
Montgomery, Alabama 36110
(334) 271-7700

4.  The covenant shall be executed and filed at the Montgomery County Probate Office.  Filing fees at the Probate office are the responsibility of the property owner. Montgomery County Probate office can be reached at 334-832-1244.

5.  A copy of the stamped covenant filed at the Probate Office shall be provided to ADEM (note specifically who this is and contact info, per above)for the Environmental Covenant Registry.  There will be no ADEM Processing and Review Fees or Registry Recording Fees for the General Environmental Covenants within the Downtown Environmental Overlay.