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What is B.O.N.D.S?

Building Our Neighborhoods for Development and Success

BONDS is a neighborhood association strengthening program; providing training, a resource center, networking opportunities, and financial assistance (grants) in an effort to improve the overall quality of life throughout the city and County of Montgomery.

We believe that strong neighborhoods help preserve the fabric of our city and offer grants and leadership training to neighborhood associations and their leaders.

Get Involved

BONDS hosts an annual Mayor’s Neighborhood Conference. This event links neighborhood association members with city representatives and services. The Mayor’s Neighborhood Leadership Award and the Mayor’s Community Leadership Award recipients are announced during this evening of neighborly fellowship.

The third Tuesday of every month, BONDS hosts the Gathering of Neighborhoods (GON) at 12:00 noon; this is a forum for neighborhood association members to meet and discuss neighborhood issues. A speaker is featured every other month, and topics vary from new voting procedures to changes in the public schools to caring for the environment and more. The alternate month, Regions is there as a part of the partnership that has been created. This forum is marketed as a networking opportunity for association members.

BONDS Neighborhood Resource Center is open to all neighborhood associations and offers a library of resources dealing with neighborhood issues and concerns.

BONDS also provides copying services offered through the Neighborhood Resource Center; newsletters, flyers, meeting agendas and more can be copied (black ink only) without charge and color with a minimum charge.


25 Washington Ave
Montgomery, AL 36104
Fax: 334-625-3126

Amanda Dame Miller, Program Director
Phone: 334-625-2207

Cynthia McCollister, Program Assistant
Phone: 334-625-2126