Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates: 

Library COVID-19 Information

Library Services during the COVID-19 pandemic

  1. Computers in the libraries are not available. 
  2. Access to the Internet is available via the HOTSPOT surrounding any of the 10 library locations throughout Montgomery County.
  3. Patrons are encouraged to use the library’s website at to access e-books and other resource material that help keep calm in your household and in your life.
  4. Library Patrons are encouraged to read or watch movies during this time.  Instead of coming to the library, please use the website to find learning games, music and videos to share with your families.

E-books are available 24-7 at 

Here is what you will need:

  1. You will need a library card and PIN. Should you not have a PIN, you may get a PIN by calling 625-4999.  The staff will help you secure a temporary PIN and you may change the PIN once the Library re-opens to full service.
  2. Use the card catalog on the library’s website to find books that you would like to check out then call the library to have your title pulled from the collection and checked out to your library card.  We will place the books on a cart outside the library in a plastic bag for you to pick up. (Curbside service)
  3. If you still need help, call one of the following numbers (625-4999; 625-4844; 625-4890; 625-4848; 244-8679; 271-7005; 334-562-3364; 284-7929; 625-4843; 625-4979; 244-5770)  
  1. Issuing new library cards: new temporary library cards and PINs can be issued over the phone to any citizen who resides in Montgomery County.  The card will be active for 90 days.  That library card will give you access to all of the electronic information housed on the library’s website.  
  2. You will not receive an e-mail for automatic holds, the library staff will call you to alert you that the title is available and to inquire of you when you will pick up the material. You will then call, in some locations, when you enter the parking lot.
  3. Copying, fax services and any services that require you to enter the building is not available.

Our library is here to help calm your life down, we are working behind the scenes to ensure that our library patrons are able to continue to enjoy some services provided by the library.  Finally, keep a watchful eye out for story programs that we will post to our website and Facebook pages to ensure that our young patrons can continue to improve their comprehension and learning skills.  

Please feel free to call any branch of the Montgomery City-County Public Library if you have any information questions. The numbers are listed above.

Free Tax Service is a service through a company based in Birmingham.  The library partners with this company to provide this service.  Should you have questions relating to tax preparation please call 1-888-998-2925 and pose your questions to them. The LIBRARY CANNOT answer tax questions.